The delicious garden of Ripa Grande

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Ripa grande - The “Delicious garden” of Donna Olimpia

The garden and the complex of historic buildings that enclose it date back to 1640, and were designed by Donna Olimpia Maidalchini, a powerful exponent of the Pamphilj family, who played a leading role in 17th century Rome. In ancient times, the complex had direct access to the Tiber river, in an area of capital importance, as it represented the port of Rome, where goods arriving from the most distant seas already arrived in the imperial era. The garden housed some of the rarest plant species, and architects such as Borromini and later Busiri Vici took part in the construction of the complex, which also incorporates a very ancient church from the 10th century.

The site is close to the Tiber Island, Circus Maximus, Roman Forum, Colosseum.